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12v Power Socket
Fitting a power output socket

Useful to power heated jackets etc.. can also be used to trickle charge the battery.

What you need:

Socket - Hella part number: 8JB 004 777-001 (blade contact)

Plug - Hella part number: 8JA 007 158-001

Cable (2 way) approx.12 inches

Two crimp bullet connectors (+ 2 spade sockets if using blade contact version of socket)

1. Remove the left hand (nearside)
lower inner fairing panel.
2. Drill a hole - 18 mm diameter
(two if fitting two sockets)
3. Make up a cable with crimped bullet
connector ends.
4. Fit the socket(s) to the hole(s)
5. Connect to accessory wiring

Now you should have a power outlet providing 12 volts for whatever purpose you want. It will only be live when the ignition is switched on (if you've connected it properly). I use mine to power a heated waistcoat - lovely and warm even on the coldest days!

Because the socket is connected to the battery, it can also be used to trickle charge the battery and keep it in top condition using something like the Optimate charger.

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