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GTR Information and Tips

sunset behind GTR 1000's

GTR 1000 in Dartmoor

Buying a GTR 1000

Values list - List of prices GTRs have actually sold for
Model List - from A1 to A14
More Power - 110 Bhp or even 135bhp
Tyres - including wear rate chart
GPS - fitting tips
Camera - fitting a video to your GTR
Power Socket - 12v accessory socket
Temp Gauge - Air temperature gauge
Seats - alternatives
Mirrors - alternatives

Top Box or Tank Bag
Intercom - choosing an intercom
Periodic maintenance chart


These pages contain lots of tips and information I've learned from owning twelve of these great motorcycles since 1992

Don't make the same mistakes I made - learn from my experience - save time and money!


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This site contains useful information for all Kawasaki GTR 1000 owners - including motorbikes, and spares for sale.