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Parts wanted please

Right hand mirror
Right hand footrest

Advert posted Sept 2018.

Contact Don Watson

Tel: 07392 049257

Kawasaki Gtr1000 Wanted

Preferably a later model.
Colour doesn't matter.
Cash is waiting.
What have you got?
Please send some pictures, MOT status, mileage and your asking price.

I would prefer a lower mileage with a long MOT but am not averse to fixing a bike up as long as the engine is sound, and the price is right, bearing in mind I'all have to courier it to Liverpool.

Advert posted June 2016.

Contact Rowan Bircumshaw

Tel: 07787 775108

I need an engine for my Kawasaki Gtr 1000 1998

Advert posted April 2016.

Contact Robert McDowell

Tel: 00353 8616 56670

I am looking for a GTR1000

I am not fussed on colour, but would like it to be in good order.

I would like one of the later models, and I have cash burning a hole in my pocket.

Advert posted February 2016.

Contact Liam

Red fuel tank wanted

Advert posted April 2014.

Contact Justin

07949 457379


I would like to buy a running bike, visual condition unimportant as have 2 in pieces already so plenty of 'plastic-bits' to play with.

1989-93 ish ideal but not important.

Cash waiting, can collect bike.

South Kent ideal but will travel


Advert posted April 2014.

Taken off-line in May 2014

"my ad is too successful!!"

Contact Mac

removed (advert fulfilled)


I am looking for a nice GTR 1000,must be in good condition and lowish miles if possible

Anything post 1990 up to the last models would be considered.

I am a private cash buyer wanting to do some touring holidays and relive the days when I owned one of these great bikes

I live in the Midlands area but might travel for the right bike.

Thanks in advance, Trevor


Advert posted August 2013.

Contact Trevor Roberts

07768 603257 or 01922 496105

I require a Fuel Tank, preferably without dents etc.

At best the colour should be Candy Persimmon Red and would fit a 1989 onwards model.

Advert posted July 2011.

Purchased (another happy user)

WANTED, MIDLANDS AREA for 1990-ish GTR 1000

I am looking for some used handlebar risers for my bike please.

Can collect.

Advert posted April 2011.

Contact Glyn Jones

I'm after a well loved and reliable GTR1000 any age, preferably with all the luggage.

I've got a 2001 W650 with 22,000 miles and only 3 owners in good nick which ideally I'd like to part exchange.

If anyone is interested I'd be delighted to hear from them

Contact Robert

Tel: 07808 614400

I would like to buy a right pannier bag and its subframe for an '88 GTR. I may buy both bags if the price is good.

I could also need some parts and subframes for a metallized grey fairing.

Items would need to be shipped to Italy.

Contact Luca Boccianti

Tel: +39 347 6235669

I’m looking for a pair of silencers for my GTR. It’s an ’88 model but I think they’re all the same. Can anyone help?

Contact Jon Lodge

Purchased (another happy user)

On the lookout for a good condition late model GTR 1000

Contact Alan Kelly

Tel: 07939 309733

Wanted Centre Stand for T reg GTR 1000

Advert posted 16th January 2009

Contact Stuart

Tel: 01858 469164

I need for my GTR 1000 1994 model ...

1. Left hand wing mirror
2. Ignition Barrel
3. Front mudguard

Will organise collection if neccesary.

Advert posted 23rd December 2008

Contact Richard


Master brake and clutch cylinders for my GTR 1000 '93 K reg.... make me a offer... thanx

Advert posted 23rd July 2008

Contact Metod

Purchased (another happy user)

Does anyone out there, have a front brake stop light switch for GTR 10000. Will pay postage.

Advert posted April 2008

Purchased (it pays to advertise)

WANTED: Handlebar risers for a circa 1990 GTR1000. I know you can buy them new, but for £80 quid?!, & then they may not suit me!

I am also after a decent nearside silencer for the same bike. I may be able to collect if it's in the Midlands

Advert posted April 2008

Contact Glyn

Has anyone got a brakelight switch. Its the one connected to the FRONT brake lever. I will (ofcourse) pay postage etc. its for an (A4?) 1990 GTR

Parts now purchased

Right hand side foot rest and mount. Also looking for the RHS Front Lower Fairing and black Edging piece. ( Colour not an issue). Kawasaki 1000 GTR A1

Contact Vincent Healy, CCNA

Mobile: 0793 654 0688

Right hand side mirror for 1997 model, plus the bolt that attaches the brake lever to the handlebars.

Contact Richard

Mobile: 07748150161

Frame engine swing arm shaft, dead bike anything with a engine running or not for a trike project i don't mind if it is crashed bent gearbox problems whatever as i will strip it all anyway cheap as possible

Contact Jim

Mobile: 07960 779570

I need a centre stand for my GTR1000. If anyone has one in good condition and not at silly money could you please text me and I will call you back. The number is 07722 221459.

Contact Tony

Mobile: 07722 221459

Wanted - right hand rider footrest mount complete with rear brake master cylinder. Petrol Tank, any colour so long as there are no holes plus set of original clocks Many thanks

Contact Mark Manby

Mobile: ???

Wanted - Petrol Tank, silver would be nice but any colour would do Front downpipes and balancing tube - for use on A1 gtr 1986 Many thanks

Purchased (it pays to advertise)

Wanted – Fuel Tank for GTR 1000

I am currently trying to coax a sorry looking A5 model back into life after rescuing it from a 5 year storage stint in a very damp garage! She turns over on the starter now but when I put fuel in the tank I discovered why it was previously empty – there are perforations in the lower seams on both sides.

Does anyone have a spare tank out there which they may be willing to part with? I am on a very tight budget so can’t afford the silly money that the odd ebay examples fetch, but am willing to collect from within a reasonable distance of North East Hampshire or pay postage – I also have a spare starter motor and a couple of starter relays available that might be of use to someone in part ex!


(ad posted 11/09/07)

Purchased in two days
(it pays to advertise)


I am looking for the exhaust section between the down pipes & the exhausts, if anyone has one in good condition to sell. There's a hole in mine & it needs replacing urgently.

(ad posted 04/08/07)

Purchased (it pays to advertise)

RH mirror
Rh footpeg assembly (peg and both castings)
Seat lock assembly (all of it)

(ad posted 21/05/07)

Contact Steve on 07776 288060

Wanted a GTR in good condition for touring Europe this summer. Would buy GPS plus any other extra’s if fitted. Contact me by email please

(ad posted 18/05/07)

Contact Stuart Robertson

I have a GTR D reg (86)I think that is misfiring, there seems to be oil on top of the spark plug (there is a hole in the top of the engine down which I can see the top of a plug, in the bottom of this hole there be oil….. (this can not be good). It seems to be firing on only 3 thingies Sadly I can not afford to send it to the bike hospital anymore as they charge me just to look at it, then a week later it stop again I am at this point open to any suggestion and would be grateful of any offer of help, this has been a good bike and I would hate to have to scrap it when the tax runs out.

(ad posted 10/04/07)

Contact Phil on 01932 736749

GTR wanted, early to mid 1990's, possibly late 1990's depending on price. All machines considered as this will be my first GTR. Please send spec and hi res pics

(ad posted 10/04/07)

Contact Baron on 07977 051457

Top box  for gtr 1000 1995 model

(ad posted 19/11/06)

Contact Dennis on 07714 939030 or 01356 623601 (nights)

I am desperately seeking a righthand front footrest for my 1990 Kawasaki GTR 1000. This is the footrest immediately behind the brake pedal

(ad posted 9/10/06)

Contact Pete on 01242  680512 or 07742 056578

Petrol tank for my Kawasaki GTR1000.  Ideally white, but any colour would do.

(ad posted 13/9/06)

Contact Cliff on 07836 567401 (or send a text to that number).

Petrol tank, pref red with KAWASAKI chrome lettering or KAWASAKI lettering for my existing tank (with fitting instructions if poss).

(ad posted 31/7/06)

Contact Mike

Tel: 01723 864524

Wanted - I have a 90-91 A5 model gtr1000 which unfortunatly fell over writing off the r/h/s mirror joint/hinge has anyone got one they are not using that they could sell??? Also, can you fit handle bar risers on the above bike would be most gratefull for any info.

(ad posted 8/6/06)

Contact Mark

Tel: 07901 757254 (Mobile)

Wanted - an original or photocopied owners handbook for a GTR 1000 A4.

(ad posted 8/6/06)

Contact John

Tel: 07707 912588 (Mobile)

Wanted - for GTR1000 A9 '94 model
Owners handbook either hard copy or on disc/email.
Spark plug spanner.
Cover panels for when panniers removed.
Small infill panel that fits in front of water bottle in forward end of belly pan.

(ad posted 8/6/06)

Contact Dave

Wanted - petrol tank for my GTR1000 in good condition. Any colour will do.

(ad posted 18/1/06)

Contact Chris Pettigrew-Symonds

Tel: 07765 864638 (Mobile) or 01227 372799 (Home)

Wanted - original panniers for my GTR1000 A3 in good condition. My RHS pannier has been damaged so I need either a single replacement or a set of two

(ad posted 23/4/05)

Contact Geoff Thomas

Tel: 07802 328404 (Mobile) or 01244 390684 (Home)

Top box wanted for 2001 model GTR or Corbin seat with backrest. (N.Lincs)

(ad posted 01/4/05)

Contact Wayne

Tel: 07990820735 or 01427 754608.

Wanted GTR 1000, Any condition considered

(ad posted 31/3/05)

Contact Karl

Tel: 01773 827988

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