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Contact Details

GTR 1000 in Dartmoor

4 GTR 1000!

Chris Stanbury
Wilbury Barn

Tel: 01747 858017
E-mail: chris@swallowcliffe.com

Please do not contact me for technical information or support (sadly I don't have enough time or knowledge).

For professional help with technical info and advice please visit the links page - it contains links to companies that can supply parts or services for your beloved GTR.

If you want to advertise your GTR on this site you can do so for free - please send details and a photo to: Chris@swallowcliffe.com

4 GTR 1000!

Kawasaki GTR 1000 in red

A GTR in Wales


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This site contains useful information for all Kawasaki GTR 1000 owners - including motorbikes, and spares for sale.